Thursday, February 16, 2006

Basic construction techniques used on the pickup truck camper are described in my book "Electric Earth" recently published and available at:

Barnes & - Electric Earth... a motor overheating

or at: - Electric Earth...a motor overheating

The book costs $10.95 and is a good read for those interested in lightweight construction and also for those interested in why we are suddenly experiencing so many natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. It also deals with how to use less energy by lightening up our construction of buildings, land sea and air vehicles and includes a chapter on building islands to occupy the oceans of the world.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

On the road again Posted by Hello

From the side Posted by Hello

Front view Posted by Hello

From the back Posted by Hello

On left shows part of toilet/with solar heated shower supplied by 90 feet of black coiled half inch copper tubing encased in collector box on top of roof  Posted by Hello

Part of sofa with closet to right of guitar Posted by Hello

Fridge then stove top then sink then seat that opposes sofa....curtains have been added since this pic taken Posted by Hello

The sink and stovetop with cabinets to trash can is 25 gallon water tank... Posted by Hello

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Lightweight pickup truck RV camper

Most RV's of this type and size are very heavy, weighing up to 4000 pounds and usually require a dually(dual rear wheels) truck to carry it around. I tried to buy one but could not find anything on the market that would be suitable for my little 4 cylinder 96 Ford Ranger pickup with all the amenities such as a toilet and shower, a kitchen, a double bed and a sofa so I built this one. It has all these requirements and weighs only 690 pounds so carrying it on my lil 1/2 ton Ranger is not a problem.
I have been full timing in it for about two years now and all has worked out well. So far I've travelled about 18,000 miles including trips into Mexico on their sometimes dubious roads. It cost me about 10,000 dollars retail including much wasted trial and error materials in fibergalss, styrofoam and epoxies and other materials and appliances and about a year of partime work. My reason for this project was a simple one, have a place to live that can be moved and is basically rent free. I have been asked by many to build one for them but have no plans to produce these for sale and am creating this blog to show manufacturers of pickup campers that it can be done. Should a serious manufacturer want to investigate this type of construction I would be happy to offer my expertise on a consulting basis.

The most discussed subject regarding this type of RV is the extreme weight of commercially available ones. It seems a shame that one of these company's can't make them availaable to a willing to buy public. A visit to a camper forum such as will show the need for a truly lightweight camper such as this, especially with gas prices going thru the roof nowadays.
If anyone is interested in my qualifications in lightweight construction, I refer you to my book
click here to locate "ELECTRIC EARTH"